Henry Hills

Experimental Filmmaker

Henry Hills


Holbein’s Diabolical H Hhhh 27 min. HD. COMING IN THE FALL!

“Hold on tight as each shot in Henry Hills’s Hhhh collides – and colludes! – with the next through the serendipitous magic of the H factor. Hhhh juxtaposes multiple senses of the letter H in this hilarious, hypnotic, and heterodox feast for heart and head. Hhhh is a tour-de-force of rhythmic oscillation, stunning visual effects, and conceptual conundrums.” —Charles Bernstein


Media City Film Festival RETROSPECTIVE, Media City, Windsor, Ontario, Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Los Angeles tour

Redcat REDCAT, April 28 "The Art of Collision: Montage Films by Henry Hills"

Los Angeles FILMFORUM, May 4

ASTRONOME and KING RICHARD at Indiana University Cinema, Bloomington, 6:30, Friday, April 11

Film Museum Wein “Tribute to Henry Hills”, October 16 & 17, 2013 Austrian Film Museum, Vienna.

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